We create
amazing 3D
Web Apps
that bring
your product
to life

Bolstering your

for your website

Our 3D web apps are built on brand new, fast iterating, cutting edge technology. They are seamlessly integratable on your website. Providing stunning 3D graphics at a fast frame rate on any device. To achieve this, our technology directly addresses the device's graphics processor while using the web. Providing users with an unprecedented experience viewing your product online.

the response on your product

Interaction, done right, is a treasure chest of information. Our apps are able to track users, learn what they like and what they don't. They report back to you in luminous statistics. Enabling your company to switfly iterate on its current product line.

Save time
and money

Easy and quick to manage our apps allow you to focus on important tasks. Be efficient and use your inhouse centralized system to distribute content in our apps. Receive better informed customers, spend less time explaining and more time selling. Avoid lengthy photoshoots for every color and configuration of your product. Publish new configurations instantly to our app.

with your customers

Reach out to your customers, individually or in group, with campaigns tailored to their personal preferences. Incentivize and update them on the latest product developments. And get feedback on how they interact with that information.

at anytime

For the users


Introduce your product, it's features and customizations to consumers in an easy, interactive way. Our apps are accesible via web browser, from anywhere at any time, no need to download or install anything.


Interaction is key in telling a memorable story. Strengthen consumer's perceptions of your product and guide them on a journey through exploration. Enable visitors to configure your product to their liking and to interactively involve their friends and family in their choises.


Streamlined interfaces and quick commands aid visitors in swiftly getting to their desired results. Users are able to achieve what they want in as few steps as possible. Resulting in a pleasant, intuitive user experience.


Watch users share their configurations of your products on social media. Dynamicaly enlarging your customerbase. Creating an entire network around your productbase.

We meticulously
Develop for

world wide web icon

The Web

Our apps are accessible from anywhere at any time. No need to download or install anything, no appstores, no plugins. Visitors just navigate to a provided web-url using their favorite browser and start enjoying amazing content.

multimedia devices icon

All devices

Everyone has a preference on how to browse the web. Be it using a PC or Mac, maybe a tablet, an iPhone or Android device even possibly something else. At Moving Cubes we pride ourselves on supporting the widest possible range of devices. Our apps dynamically change their resolution and preformance in accordance with each device's capabilities.

virtual reality icon

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality submerges visitors in the ultimate digital experience. Let consumers experience a lifesize, interactive, digital version of your product and its amazing features. To know more: take a look at the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

gesture icon

Gesture Control

Gesture control devices allow you to convert physical movements to digital input. Making it possible for you to virtualy pick up digital 3D objects with your hands. A great feature for your booth on fairs. To know more: take a look al the Leap Motion or the Myo armband.

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